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Please pay attention before booking your appointment. The customer is responsible for a parking space. You have to provide a place to stop our VAN. Please know that we are in Mitcham and the price is for customer who are no more then 10 miles around. If your location is more then that you will be charged £80 per hour. If you want us to first inspect your garden the price is £20 per visit which is paid on the spot in cash or by bank transfer. If you then use our services this money will be deducted after the work is done.

Our price


garden service - £75 per hour


High hedge over 2 meters- £95 per hour


Ivy or creeper removal- £95 per hour


cleaning autumn leaves- £75 per hour

Weed killer- £2 per square meter


Jet Wash- £4 per square meter


green garbage pick up it - £50 per Jumbo Bag( 1000 liter)


tree surgery- send a photo  tree(fixed price)

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